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DADA2015——Digital Factory Fabrication Workshops Recruitment 
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2015 DigitalFUTURE Shanghai Summer Events

Fabrication Workshops | Recruitment

DATE: JUNE 27 – JULY 5, 2015


Group A Robotic Wood Tectonics

Instructors: Achim Menges (Professor, ICD Institute for Computational Design, University of Stuttgart) + DDRC (CAUP, Tongji University)

Group BRobot Team Fabrication

Instructors: Roland Snooks (Studio Roland Snooks & Kokkugia & RMIT)

Group CAutonomous Tectonics

Instructors: Matias del Campo & Sandra Manninger (Studio del Campo Manninger & University of Michigan)

Group DConcrete Silk

Instructors: Xu Weiguo & Yu Lei & Ali Gharakhani (Tsinghua University)

Group ERobotic Architectural Modelling

Instructors: Johannes Braumann & Sigrid Brell-Cokcan (Association for Robots in Architecture & University of Art and Design Linz) + FabUnion

Group FWind Tunnel and Environment Performance Morphologies

Instructor: DDRC (CAUP, Tongji University)

Group GRobotic Ceramic Printing

Instructor: Philip F. Yuan (CAUP, Tongji University) + FabUnion

Group HRobotic 3D banding

Instructor: Wang Zhenfei (HHD_FUN)

Group I3D Printing Wearable/Fashion Design

Instructors: Steven Ma (Xuberance) + Rem D. Koolhaas (United Nude)

Group JModRule: A User-Centric Mass Housing Design Platform

Instructors: Gao Yan & Lo Tiantian(University of Hong Kong )

Group KDigital Craftsmanship

Instructors: Song Gang & Zhong Guanqiu & Xiong Lu (South China University of Technology)

Group LCNC Suspension of Tensegrity Structure

Instructors: Zhong Huaying (Nanjing University) + Yuan Xin (Shanghai Co-base Structure Steel Co., Ltd.)

Recruited Students: 6-8 students for each group

Requirements of students:

1. Year 4 and above students in Architecture

2. Proficiency in Rhino, Grasshopper and other digital design software

Application Deadline: May 25, 2015

Workshop fees: 6000 / $1000

*Please send us the group number you interest, fill in the registration form (can be downloaded at ), your CV and portfolio to  The workshop places are limited, the organizers will select the registered students according to the instructors’ requirement in each group and will give final notice before June 1, 2015.

DADA2015 fabrication workshop registration form

Host: Digital Architecture and designing Professional Committee of the Architects Branch of the Architectural Society of China
Executor: architecture department of Tsinghua University
Address: Room 212 at the south of Architecture Department of Tsinghua University at Haidian District, Beijing (Postal Code: 100084)
Telephone:010-82794175, 62784519, 13601018978

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